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Dishwashers - Miele & Bosch "Express" Cycle and other issues

9 years ago

Are Miele's cycle times a state secret? Apparently so. Our 14 yr old Bosch just bellied up. Yes, 14 yrs is a good run, but only about 1/2 the features worked at any given time. We worked around it with several repairs. No mas. Right now, I'd rather take a beating than buy a new DW. Looking at Bosch 800 (not eager for another Bosch) and Miele Classic or Crystal model (seems pricey and fussy).

Is there any source for Miele's cycle times, especially so-called "Express"? Can't find it anywhere. If Express takes an hour or so, there's no need for me to get the pricier Crystal model. From various reviews here, Miele DWs seem very fussy. Sort of like owning a high-strung schnauzer with special needs! Special salt, special soap, but not too much soap. Cutting soap tabs in halves or thirds - whats up with that? And yes you must use rinse aid. If you don't the machine won't go in Standby (what the heck is Standby?) Oh yes, you can program it (but not easily) to override certain default settings and light messages. Do I need a degree in environmental engineering to run a darn DW now? Help, please!

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