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Induction help

10 years ago

Look for the *** if you want the short version of my post.

Soon doing a major remodel/home reno.

I have been reading a lot about appliances here and on the web.

Have down loaded a few Owner manuals from manufacture sites. Have made my way to as many retailer/ showrooms as i can find. Review sites, youtube, forums ect.

I started looking at induction and in between watching water boil and eggs half cook the James bond like Seimans commercial ( catches my eye and i fall in love with zoneless hobs.

Naturally, i can not find a Siemens in Canada. Googling Zonless i get the Thermador the Gagganeau and the De Dietrich.

Of course the Therm and Gag are both the Same if you look closely. Just a little difference in the display items. Both have cool pot moving/sensing features and timers for each pot but both have the same 4 pot limit and the same power regulation issues across the "zones". The biggest difference seems to be the Gag does not try to pretend its a 36"

The Piano is sweet though, the 1 2 3 Zoning looks like a great easy mode and it can do 5 pots at once. The triangular induction coils look neat-o. Whats more i can't find any reviews on it so even it has issues i am blissfully unaware. Keeping it at my top spot even now. After seeing this Start thinking at that price i could live without house insurance, but even if that is true, I missed out as they are sold out.

So once reality starts to settle in about price, international certifications, property value and insurance coverage (being honest price was enough) start to realize that the thing I like most about these is the ability to run a set of 13" x 21" Teppan Yaki pans at the same time. And though the Zoneless thing is neat it even takes a back seat to the timers, timers that even though i am not certain i can live without are not why I love the device. Ahead of timers is also 5 "burners" and though i have never had a stove with 5 burners this is now the defacto minimum i can have and all time that has pasted before this can only be deemed a mistake that i should be punished for.

So, armed with knowledge about my own wants the hunt starts again. I find the KitchenAid/GenAir model with the Bridging Elements, The Wolf ,Meile, Viking, Windcrest with out bridge as well as many Euro units i can't have even if i want them.

The Wolf is definitely not Balanced enough, i like my controls in the center.

The Viking Has 6 zones but again not centered and big knobs will ruin the look. (I did think about this one for a while though)

Windcrest, besides never having heard of them, say they do not do any power sharing between elements.

*** I am leaning toward the KitchenAid 36 induction. I know it has only 1 timer that does not turn off the heat. I know it can not handle pots smaller than 6.5". Over all i am not enthralled with the Hob but it has my number one feature, the ability to do double griddles.

Does it matter if these are bridged? If i put a cast iron griddle over 2 elements with the Hob shutdown? I know some of my radiant elements do not like over-sized pots on the burner and shut down. I also know that the Hob does not like small diameters.

I like the Miele also but i don't know if it can run a 13" x 21" griddle on both(or either) the left and right sides. I read here many people like it and seems to not breakdown. The burners on the left are different sizes (looks like 6" and 9") With a thin pan this would be worse for heat distribution than cast iron, but may still be serviceable.

The Miele manual says "The cooking zone will not work
�" if there is no cookware, or unsuitable
cookware (items without a
magnetizable bottom) being used
�" if the bottom diameter of the
cookware being used is too small
�" if the cookware is removed from a
cooking zone that is on."

So it seems it should at least do a faux bridge mode. Which could be very acceptable. The only thing i dislike is the lack of symmetry, but function over form is mainly how i roll, if it was hot pink that may change but this is minor.

Could heating the top over such a large area be damaging to the unit? I read that the electronics inside need to be cooled well too.

Does anyone have experience with this cook-top for these purposes?

Any info/thoughts on this matter are appreciated.

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