Marketing Occupy America - What do you think?


Interesting editorial by Marc Munroe Dion:

The "tea" part of "tea party" stands for "taxed enough already."

Cute, no? Short words. No equivocation (big word). Best of all, "taxed enough already" is a good slogan for a nation used to chanting "Yankees suck" at ballgames.

You people doing this "Occupy America" thing need to remember "taxed enough already."

You're not doing bad so far. You're on Wall Street. You're outside banks. You're sleeping in the rain with the sidewalk for a pillow.

Now for the important stuff.

You can't just occupy America. You've got to sell even the dumbest, most slogan-happy, nearly illiterate American on the idea that you're doing the right thing.

So, the first thing you need to do is watch your wardrobe.

People who go to left-wing demonstrations are prone to wearing T-shirts that say stuff like "Imagine World Peace."


When you plan your next occupation, check everybody's T-shirts for slogans pertaining to peace, gayness or weird food ideas like an all-kale diet.

Pass out the NASCAR shirts. Pass out the National Rifle Association T-shirts. Make sure somebody's wearing an Ultimate Fighting T-shirt. Get a couple of Dallas Cowboys hats out there.

You want to make sure your demonstrations don't look like a pottery class at some snobbed-up East Coast university. Make sure they look like the Friday night crowd at a Walmart in Nebraska.

What we're looking for here is a way to connect ordinary Americans with the idea that guys in suits are raping them out of everything worth having.

Look at the tea party. Very successful movement. The people who show up at their rallies don't look like they bought their clothes at a campus shop that sells bongs and witty, ironic T-shirts. They look like they bought their clothes at Sears.

Here are a few more tips.

If you're going to go up against rich people, you're going to need a lot of patriotism.

Talk about "the will of the Founders," talk about "this great country," talk about "self reliance."

Talk about "the Greatest Generation."

Is this what the Greatest Generation fought for? you can say.

Did those brave men who stormed Omaha Beach die for bond-traders and bankers who bribe Congress? That's not what the Founders wanted. They wanted a free, strong America, not an America that is owned by the banks.

Sing. Sing "God Bless America." Sing "America the Beautiful." Don't sing anything that doesn't have the word "America" right up there in the title.

If you get union members to march with you, make sure they're NOT members of public-sector unions. No one gives a crap about unionized librarians in Delaware. Get some pipefitters out there. Get some longhaired, big-bellied, biker-looking ironworkers out there. Have 'em sing "God Bless America."

Simple words. Call bankers "thieves." Never call them anything else. Repetition becomes truth.

These thieves are stealing America, you should say. "They're stealing people's houses and pensions. They're stealing America from our children."

Heroes � talk about "heroes."

Our heroes in Iraq are going to come home to an America the Founders wouldn't recognize, you should say. "They're coming home to an America where thieves who hate America steal people's homes and pensions. They're stealing America."

Heroes. Homes. America. Hit it hard.

What the Occupy America movement has to do is steal America back from the right wing.

And they can't do it by looking like wussies. Right-wing radio talk show hosts and writers will eat you alive if you're running a peace-centered, weepy, bake-sale movement. They'll run from a strong, hollering, bankers-are-thieves, protest-takes-balls movement.

Here's the bottom line.

You turn on your television, and a protester in an "I Love Baby Unicorns," T-shirt is saying, "We just want to ask why this country doesn't have more compassion for the poor, for the unfortunate, for welfare mothers and illegal immigrants and ghetto black children who will never know the smell of daisies in a meadow."


You turn on your television and a fat guy in a "Red Sox Nation" T-shirt is saying. "Big business creates jobs? Yeah. For lobbyists and crooked-ass congressmen. My kid comes home from Iraq, and he gets a $9 an hour job in a Shoney's out on the highway. These people are stealing America! Drag 'em out of their offices, and make 'em work! Take America back!"

Who you gonna listen to?

I think he's got a good point -- What do you think?

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OHHHH I enjoyed that immensely.

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Me too!

Somebody has us U.S. Americans pegged perfectly.

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me too me too!!!

Thank you! I'm making posters right now. As influenced by you, I will make sure DD and I are wearing patriotic clothing, and I made one of my signs say:

I am an American

* My great-great grandfathers fought in the Civil War
* My great grandfathers fought in WW1
* My grandfathers fought in WWII and Korea
* My uncles fought in Vietnam
* My childhood friend fought and died in Iraq

America is being stolen
I'm fighting to take her back

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THOR, Son of ODIN(2)

From the innertubes, Sept 30:

"To all Occupy Wall Street participants, here is the key to your victory. (for serious)

Guys, listen. Here's the deal.

I love you guys with every shred of my hard-left leaning heart. But I think you might be doing something wrong. Here is one thing that can help you.

Tomorrow, wear a polo and khakis

Seriously. polos and khakis. Every time you guys DO finally get some f**ing press, it's a scrawny dude with dreads in a ratty t-shirt. You're going big here, dress it. Tomorrow, Polo shirt and Khakis.

Why? Because you need to get the right-leaning equivalent of me on your side. I'm 35 right now. I understand where the hippy thing comes from. I get it as well as a guy who's 35 can. My Counterparts do not. They think you are scummy druggies on welfare and when they see on tv a bunch of people who they think are S.D.s on W, they root for the cops to hit you again.

Speaking of the cops, Who do you think they'll mace first? SDs on W, or a guy in khakis and a polo? Seriously, it's f**ing cop camouflage. And if they DO come for you. When people at home see PEOPLE THAT LOOK LIKE THEM getting abused by police. That's when s*it changes.

Seeing protesters get beat up means nothing because protesters get beat up all the time. Therefore, don't look like a protester! This connects you to the person watching and opens them to your side!

So for serious. Do it. You're almost about to tip this thing over. Polos and khakis. Cop Camo + target audience = Shave, shower and polos and khakis.

Do it."

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A few immediate thoughts:

He has obviously not been to any. Many "mainstream" people just as he describes that articulate just as he describes.

This movement does not want to be the "successful" tea party and does not need to drape themselves in flags and crosses to show their patriotism. Like they are dressed from Sears? ARe you kidden me?

The movement encompasses everything opposite of what he is saying. He can take a lesson from Naomi Klein:

  • A few final thoughts. In this great struggle, here are some things that dont matter.

What we wear.

Whether we shake our fists or make peace signs.

Whether we can fit our dreams for a better world into a media soundbite.

And here are a few things that do matter.

Our courage.

Our moral compass.

How we treat each other.

This is not your father's movement. They don't want to do it your way. We have seen the results of that, endless war and no jobs.

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"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life. Don't be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people's thinking. Don't let the noise of other's opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary." Steve Jobs

The Apple Generation doing it their way. Good, Bad, Indifferent.

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Maggie - While I believe in my heart of hearts that Naoimi Klein's lovely words should be true, the more realistic (cynical) portion believes that if the 'Occupy' movement gets 'spun' into a leftist movement, it'll never get far off the ground. Why? Because in today's divisive political climate, anything the lefties advocate, the righties fiercely attack as wrong. (And to be fair, virtually anything the righties advocate, the lefties oppose.)

But 'The 99%' includes people on BOTH sides of the political spectrum, and people in ALL economic brackets. (Even Warren Buffet acknowledges things have tipped too far...)

For the movement to gain widespread support, we need to focus on issues that 99% of us agree on:

-- That the super-rich have gotten TOO super-rich at the expense of the middle class. That the compensation packages of those at the top of the corporate food chain have become grossly disproportional to those at the middle and lower rungs of the corporation. (Think 100's of times the average wage for the CEO...)

-- That the financial institutions have paper-traded their way into wrecking the financial markets. And that government money make that TAXPAYER money (No, make that OUR money) should not be going to pay multi-million dollar salaries and bonuses to the same people who caused/failed to prevent the financial crisis.

-- Most importantly, that the Senate and Congress should represent the interests of the 99% -- not the 1%.

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THOR, Son of ODIN(2)

I'm getting pragmatic in my old age. If your time is limited don't waste energy on superfluities.

If people do not listen to you because you have long hair, cut your hair.

If bringing about social change requires marching with people who you 30% disagree with, focus on the 70% you have in common.

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Trust me, I get your points 100%. I was a sales and marketing director. I get the power of message and packaging but they do not want to be packaged and branded precisely because they are everyone.

The problem is on the media not them. Many are represented just like you say. Definitely nitetime has a different flavor. There are democrats, republicans there and many libertarians.

It is truly unbelievable. A mini society here in New York. Free medical care, learning groups, kitchens, and so on. This is different. At this point, they do not wish to be branded but to be the organic presence that they are. Most don't even want to be referred to as protesters.

It will develop into what it will be...sorry to be so obtuse but they are rejecting this premise strongly from what I can see....time will tell. Why does khakis and polo shirts have to represent mainstream America anyway?

They do not want to be a sound bite but a conversation.

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"The Apple Generation doing it their way. Good, Bad, Indifferent Think Different."

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Althea, love it!

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BTW, my husband and I marched in the We Are One rallies. There is a movement "The Other 98%" which is much like described by the writer here. Packaged well, organized more traditional ways, well crafted slogans, and aligned 100% with unions.

They are supporting OWS but I bet most have never heard of them. Just a thought.

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Be Stein opened fire this morning & missed the mark he shot at whiney young students the 99% include young stuidents with huge debts but it's not whiney students.
He told them they should go out & get a job well duh!

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THOR, Son of ODIN(2)

Ben Stein? The blowhard against evolution?

Not exactly the sharpest tool in the shed.

Here is a link that might be useful: Six Things in Expelled That Ben Stein Doesn't Want You to Know...

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I gotta disagree about the flags.

One of the main attempts to smear the 99% is to paint them as un-american while actually they are the exact opposite: To me, they are the most patriotic movement. Carry flags EN MASSE, people!

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