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Best interior door width

10 years ago

We are in the midst of a complete gut renovation of a 1185 square foot house. It will be a 2 bedroom, 2 bath home.

We are a family of four (major downsize by choice.) Our parents are between 62-72 years old with one in rapidly declining mobility. Because of this, I'm hyper-concerned about accessibility. Also, if we move I assume our target buyer will be an empty nester who wants to age in place.

All this to say, I'm working with an architect and although I'm obviously not designing an adult care facility or anything, I don't want to limit accessibility by the choices I make. The hall is 42 inches and the bathrooms are not ada, but designed with access in mind.

Today the architect mentioned that one of the trade offs with 36 inch doors is that they take up more stacking space in the open position and might feel more cumbersome in the bathrooms.

There is room in the current floorplan for 36" doors. I'm wondering... should we just put in 32" doors now knowing that the rooms are configured in a way that they could be widened for someone in the future? Are 36" doors a bad idea unless one needs them?

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