Master Bath, door swings into shower

Jeremy Duboys
7 years ago

Hi Everyone,

While this is only my second or so post, I have found gardenweb to be an invaluable resource as almost every question I had was already answered in these forums, so thank you very much.

We are currently in the process of renovating our master bathroom. The layout we had designed by the same person that designed the cabinets is attached. As you can see if the door swings in and to the right it will go right into the shower door. Things are actually a bit worse then it looks in the design since the door in reality is even closer to the shower than in the design. The master bath is already framed/drywalled and the plumbing is in so changes to the design are not possible

I know we can take the drywall down and put in a pocket door, but that is money I'd rather not spend right now. The other option I can think of is to make the door swing out, but I am not sure if that would be strange as all bathroom doors I can think of swing in.

Are there any other creative solutions that anyone possibly has? I know if I don't solve this issue now I am going to regret it when the project is complete.


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