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Marble Shower in Master remodel- grout lines wrong..,

9 years ago

I need some advice. We are currently renovating our 1950 master bathroom. I chose bianco Carrara marble for the floors and shower. My floors are 2" hex in the main bathroom and 1" hex in the walk in shower. They both came in mesh sheets with 1/16" grout lines. I've been periodically peeking in to view the progress, and now that the field tile is laid in the entire shower area, I noticed that the grout lines are 1/8". I used 3x6" subways for the shower walls. At first I thought, no big deal, but upon closer inspection, I have noticed even larger grout lines on some of the tiles, specifically the bull nose that we ran vertically at the shower opening where they probably had to catch up to the grout lines of the field tile.

What would you do? At this point, the tile is laid and set, minus grout. It is upsetting on several levels- mainly because this is an expensive remodel and the grout lines were discussed numerous times. The PM hasn't been to the job site in over a week, and the guys doing the construction haven't been around much either. Somebody should have caught this. Please do not say that someone is me- I've got three kids four and under and am 37 weeks pregnant- that's why I hired a contractor!

I realize we are talking about only 1/16" difference, but it is double the grout lines of the floor, and the 1" hex that is also going in the back of the shower niches. Also, I tiled my backslash in the kitchen with 3x6" subways using 1/16" grout line, but it looks 1/8" when finished. Now I'm nervous it's going to look even larger once grouted.

Then I think, since the grout is the biggest area for problems, is it going to become more of a pain in the future?

Help! Do I get over it and live with it or make them redo it?

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