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stuck in appliance (oven) decison loop

11 years ago

Just when I think I have it figured out I read about how so and so loves their ( fill in the blank) and then I think I would love it too and should change my plans!!

Plan A - gaggenau double ovens plus nothing fancy microwave.

- regrets : no speed oven or steam oven

Plan B - gaggenau single oven plus speed oven

- problem : need a second 240v line and where to put the speed oven since gaggenau doesn't have one( why oh why not!!) and pairing them would probably not look right.

We are a busy family of 4 ( two teenagers, work, sports) plus a boarder so 2 ovens would be in use but from what I can see a speed oven would also work instead of a full 2nd oven.

I could probaably find room for the speed oven in my island (can I put a Miele in an island?) and then it's just a question of the power. How hard can that be is not in place yet and floors are not done but it would mean a bit of drywall removal in the basement I think.

I need help figuring this out--is the Miele speed oven a good choice over a second full oven? And how good is the microwave function - meaning - is it user friendly? We only microwave for popcorn, reheat and to steam veggies. I like the thought of one less appliance in the kitchen with the combo speed oven/microwave function.

There is a new, never installed Miele speed oven for sale on line- model H4080 BM - bought new in Feb 2011.. but the Miele website shows the current model to be H4082- is this model just new this month?

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