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Attractive, interesting, creative grab bar placement? (any pics?)

16 years ago

We're getting older, as are our friends who will visit, so we need to include grab bars in our tub and shower areas for safety reasons.

Where have you located your tub & shower grab bars?

What lengths have you used?

What finishes? Chrome, brushed, white, special grip?

Horizontal, vertical, or angled?

What brands?

Pictures greatly appreciated!

We will have 2 bathrooms with acrylic tub/showers, which I think limits our choice of locations. We plan to place short grab bars vertically on the drywall a couple of inches to the left of the acrylic edge on the end with the fixtures.

We'll have 2 bath tubs with tile up to the 9' ceilings. It seems like putting grab bars will ruin the look of the tile pattern just above the top of the tub.

It would be very helpful to know how you've placed your grab bars.

Thanks, Anne

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