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washlet temptation and bath dilemma!!

14 years ago

Hello all,

I just finished reading what I could, on this forum, about the Toto Neorest toilet.

Just from features perspective, I am sold on it or on the Washlet in general. Also, considering the amazing prices people got on them, getting a good price is not an issue.

However, now, I have a dilemma about whether to pick it or not. Here is why: in my current bath remodel, we are doing the Hall bath and we are considering Toto Neorest or a washlet for that. This will be used by us, our kiddo, (possibly more if future holds that for us), our guests, visitors -- you get the idea. This is "the" bath everyone uses.

For this reason, while getting good quality fixtures is important to us, it is equally important to get practical fixtures that -- a.will be easy to maintain and b.easy to use by dummies. I do not want to go on explaining using a washlet to everyone, or hang the user manual by the toilet.

Therefore, I wanted to know:

1. Has anyone installed a Toto washlet/neorest in powder/guest/kids bath? If so, what is the experience like? Is it a challenge to keep it up? Would you recommend it for a guest room? (My guests include virtually all age groups and levels of carelessness. We have a big extended family and some of them loath hi-tech or fancy).

2. For Toto washlet/neorest users even in their private baths, how easy/difficult are they to keep clean?

Thanks in advance! Depending on the feedback, I will ditch the washlet idea and get a toilet with a clean-cut shape that would be easy to keep clean.

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