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Bathroom vanity P-trap Location

13 years ago

I'm going to install a sink (Kohler "Serif") in an old reconditioned sideboard/dresser - that will become our new vanity. This particular dresser has a nice space between the top 2 drawers that will allow me to route the incoming water and the drain through. It also has a 4" (if not more) space behind (the drawers do not go full depth) the larger full-length middle drawer that I could use for other plumbing details if necessary.

Looking at the sink and the drain sitting in place in my dresser I was pondering over where "exactly" the P trap has to be located. Must it be directly connected to the drain (with appropriate adapters, of course)or is it possible to angle the drain flow via a 45degree elbow fitting to locate the p-trap further back in the dresser? All P-traps I've ever seen are immediately under the drain they serve, as inconvenient as that it to the use of the under counter space. I am just trying to figure out if there is a reason why I couldn't "nudge" the drain's flow with a couple 45 degree elbows and a very short piece of straight ABS. There will be no horizontal flow off the drain - even though that would make reworking the dresser drawers so much simpler and convenient.


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