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Contractor Additional Charge�what would you do

11 years ago

The past few weeks the weather has been nice where they have begun to do framing on our project. We had our first walk through of the property last week of the framed home because our builder wanted to point out some changes he wanted to make from the original plan. Items that he felt would make the flow of the home bigger and make rooms feel bigger. We went through the home and liked some of the changes and were excited about them but before parting asked the builder to send us a sketch of the changes before we decided.

Forward to this week, yesterday we get a new plans with the proposed changes via email and saying that he had begun making some of the changes already. With also an invoice on the cost of the changes. Now the cost isn�t astronomical may even be considered reasonable depending on your point of view. We just feel a little screwed that these changes were done before we approved the changes just based on our excitement during our initial walk through, and now are incurring additional cost on a project that is already over budget.

When we spoke to him he explained that the additional cost wasn�t for the teardown of the initial framing it was because a bathroom was now 80 sqft bigger and the additional cost was to cover the cost of additional tile etc. To be frank I don�t even like the new bathroom layout.

So my question is what would you do? Just let this one slide or stand your ground and refuse to pay the cost as it wasn�t agreed upon?

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