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Miele Oven -- worth the $$$ versus . . . .

14 years ago

Hello Antts and others,

Have pretty much decided to get the 24 inch Miele Chef Speed Oven. Below it, would be a 24 inch oven. Choices -- the 24 inch Miele -- I would try to find one of the Perfect Clean ones H 4680B-- or a Fagor oven. So both choices are non-self cleaning. The Fagor would be less than $1000, and the Miele would be about $2500 if I can find it and over $3000 if I were to get a new model.

The two Miele's would match, but the Fagor would nonetheless look alright under the Miele. I would truly like to be persuaded that the Miele is worth the $1500 - $2000 premium. There are no retailers around here who sell Fagor so I cannot check it out.

I would so appreciate having input about the differences in these brands as the prices are quite different.

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