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floor tile grout has turned white-ish color! help Bill V.

13 years ago

Dh and I are having a house built and the floor tile went in a couple weeks ago. It is a porcelain tile with a dark gray grout. The guy that did the job brought to our attention that there seems to be a kind of haze or white color on some of the grout( it is solid gray in places). He said he wasn't sure why because he did everything the way he normally does. The only thing that was different was the sealer he used which he said is fairly new (maybe just to him). It is a spray that dries quickly; I just happened to see the top of the can and it was priced about $24 !! Anyway, the builder looked at it today and said he thought it would "even out" by itself. Any idea what caused this or what it could be? I will try and get a picture, maybe that would help.


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