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Breezy's CC simmer fixin' journey

11 years ago

I am compiling a record of dates, phone calls, and emails for my own use to track my journey towards resolving my inability to simmer on my CC. I thought it might be at least mildly helpful to share it here for others in the same boat or for those considering a future CC purchase.


* 36" 6 burner rangetop

* Natural gas

* Installed Nov. 2012

* Screwdriver adjustments attempted by me on two burners in late Feb without enough success to simmer on the lowest setting without clicking


Called and spoke with Bob Waymire at Capital. Upon explaining my inability to adjust the burner low enough to get anything other than a rapid boil, he suggested maybe something needed to be adjusted with the ground or that the modules might need to be changed. I freely admit I am not of a technical/engineering-gas-cooker mind so I haven't a clue what that means. Bob will set up service and call me back.

During our talk, I tried to emphasize just what an issue this is for owners and particularly for future owners following our discussions with impending range ordering deadlines looming. I suggested that a fix for what is beginning to be perceived, rightly or wrongly, as a major problem by many on GW (Kitchen forum members have been commenting on a thread there as well) would go a long ways towards garnering future business.


Still no call back from Bob. I emailed Capital's head engineer Joey Kitabayashi that evening.


Joey both emailed and called me early morning. He queried me about what and how I cook, what types of food aren't simmering, etc. Because the simmering troubles some are reporting, he's been doing his own research with actual food (as opposed to the water boil test) to see how the burners function. He came across as earnest and sincere in wanting to help Capital's customers.

Joey said, and please don't quote me verbatim on this as I can't find my short hand note and am very tired, that he's not sure the burners as currently designed can attain a low enough simmer over a multi-hour cook to make all customers happy. His goal is that he can find a way to have all burners adjusted so each can attain low simmer. In the absence of that achievement, we discussed what I would consider to be the best fix for me--a dedicated, smaller 8K BTU simmer burner or a simmer plate he's been working on of his own design. I expressed my doubts, based on the mulitple plate designs reported as failures here by members, that one could be engineered to direct that much heat away from the pan. I told him I chose the CC partly based on not wanting to shift pans around, but that I would gladly accept an 8K burner for simmering if the burners, as is, couldn't be lowered enough.

As for a tech visit, Joey is working on a new set of burner adjustment directions for techs in the field based on his personal experience with Aliris's range at her last service call. Those should be completed in the next couple of days, and then my service will be scheduled.


In the wee hours of the morning I emailed Joey thanking him for following up with me. Joey being a curious engineer and me trying to get my point across about what a hot topic (ha!) the simmer is on GW, I linked Billy's hotrodded (or should I say low-rodded??) burner thread.

And as an aside, mentioned that I'm suprised no one at Capital has made an effort to reach out to the GW community, a fairly influential site, as a show of good customer relations to owners and to those making an imminent range decision.


Emailed Joey to request the new burner grate supports to regulate the uneven grate spacing, as seen on this thread:


Reply from Joey:

"I appreciate your comments and recommendations as they provide insight into what our customers are thinking and feeling. I have been really trying to get time to establish a voice on GW but can't yet generate enough time in the day. We continue to work on finding the best permanent solution to let all users have an ultra low simmer but I don't yet have a firm leader in the race."

Also, Joey will speak to Service about my need for the new grate supports.


Received email from Capital's Bob saying the parts Joey requested for me have been ordered. One of those coveted and hard to find anorexic screwdrivers will be included! Bob requested I let him know when I've received the package so he can schedule a service call with a local appliance serviceman. Coincidentally, the serviceman is the same I randomly hired to look at my washing machine when it wouldn't work upon hooking it up after a year of sitting in a dusty garage when we moved back into the house after the reno. So at least I'm familiar with the guy. And he did ask to peak at the new kitchen on his way out the front door.

That's my status. Is this helpful to anyone? I don't want to take up forum space if it seems like I'm merely whining. I can update as things unfold if appropriate.

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