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Car Batteries

11 years ago

I used purchase car batteries at Sam's Club before I decided not to renew my membership. They usually lasted one year. Last October, I purchased an Interstate car battery at Costco and 6 months later it died. They didn't have my group size (24) available in October, but the salesperson said group size 25 would work, so I purchased it. I'm not sure if that affected the longevity of the battery or not. I know they have a three year free replacement warranty, but it's annoying to have to replace a battery every 6 months to a year. My alternator and everything work well. I drive the car once every 2-3 weeks. I live in a hot climate (Arizona). When I went to bring the dead battery back today, I ended up buying a Group Size 24 that was $20 more. When I got home, I noticed there was no date code on the battery indicating when it was manufactured. Is this a problem?

The group size 25 battery is 9.5"W vs the Group Size 24, which is 11"W. The group size 25 is about $20 less and has 500CCA vs 700CCA.

What brand and store has the best value batteries for a hot climate and a car that doesn't get driven much?

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