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Yet another Gaggenau vs. Miele steam oven question....

12 years ago

Thanks to the incredible, invaluable information I have gathered on this forum I am slowly but surely narrowing down my appliance decisons for our new construction! I want a steam oven and I had my heart set on the Gaggenau. until I saw it retail for $7,689 at our local appliance store! I'm trying to see what I would be getting for that $! I understand that the Gaggenau Steam is a "combi" meaning it will perform more "traditional" oven functions than the Miele version. And (again thanks to everyone's really helpful posts) I finally get the difference between "plumbed" and "pan". I guess my question is this: when doing something like roasting a chicken in the Gaggenau is the steam function utilized? That is are the steam and other functions totally separate on the Gaggenau or will the steam help my dry chicken be more palatable to my kids?

And, has anyone bought a big ticket item like the Gaggenau on ebay? I saw one for $2,000 which would obviously be a huge savings. I'm a huge ebay/thrift store gal but even though the listing says NIB and that the unit has a warranty I must admit I'm a bit skeptical..

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