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mudroom cubbies open or closed?

15 years ago

we're going to have a good amount of space in our mudroom; enough for an 8' run of cubbies, four in total plus a 6' pantry on the opposite wall. i originally was going to design open cubbies with hooks/shelves but i'm wondering if the mudroom will look a mess all the time. my children are 4 & 5 and not the neatest creatures. i'm wondering if we should design the unit so that each cubbie has a door or panel that closes? if you've lived with your mudroom for a while now what did you do? and do you wish you'd done it differently? my first thought was that if the doors are closed they won't be inclined to open them to put things away, or they'll be likely to forget something in there since it's not in full view... TIA!

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