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Rain showerhead over a tub? Any Moen?

12 years ago


I feel so lucky to find this forum before my remodeling starts! Now whatever I could not decide, I come to the forum first (used to go to my husband)! :)

Any one has a rain showerhead over a tub? We have small space so we are going for tub/shower combo. I like the design of rain showerhead, but doubt it's too big or overkill for a tub/shower.

Another question is on which line to choose for the bath/shower fixture. I like Grohe or Hansgrohe, or Kohler. To give a little background: we are redoing everything from scratch, so a total new tub/shower. No pipe or valve before. It's our master bath, rather small and unfortunately with the configuration we do not want to do an extension. Another little background: our house is about 30 years old, not high end, not low end, but a decent colonial style 4-bedroom house in the north east. Some of our neighbor probably spend $15, - 20,000 on remodeling a bath.

My DH thinks it's too much to spend on a tub/shower combo with Hansgrohe. :( One of my friend who just did remodeling of bath purchased everything from Lowe's or HomeDepot (Delta shower I believe). Not mean to offend anyone, but I kind of feel the remodeling did not improve the look (not sure about the functionality or longevity). I want something nicer. Does anyone use Moen fixtures? It's cheaper than the Grohe or Hansgrohe, but how's the quality? I did see this combo on line, which seems to satisfy all my needs, from valve to head to handheld, but not sure about the quality. Any recommendation on a good value product line to use?


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