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mongo or bill, tub surround tile question...

13 years ago

Hi guys,

We're *just now* getting to the point of actually putting up the Wedi and tiling DD's bath. It's taken me more time than I had thought (because of waiting for weather to cut tile on the back deck without ending up frozen) to get the mosaic part together, but I'm SO close, just have about 5" to go...I'm thinking we start this weekend!

anyway, my question: right at the place where the surround meets the alcove tub flange--mongo, you drew two different ways to have backerboard/tile meet the flange:

1) brings the backerboard down to the horizontal tub deck (change of plane caulked, of course) with furring strips compensating for the different depth (DH asked whether the furring strips go all the way up the wall or if they kind of fade back to flat at some point)

2) keeps the backerboard up at the top edge of the tub flange and *tile* only is brought down, sealed behind and caulked at change of plane.

Which one would you guys think is best? This is for DD's bath, and I'm using 12x24 tile set horizontally, with Wedi behind. I've got plenty of sealant, so I could seal the heck out of the gap if 2 is the best.

I thought of a third, which might or might not work: rout out the back bottom edge of the Wedi and have the front face of it meet the horizontal deck, but have it cut back behind so it sits flush on the studs without any furring. There wouldn't be much behind the face, and I don't know if there's anything gained by it, other than not furring out the entire wall.

Thanks very much for any insight/advice you can offer. I'll be SO glad to get this done, finally--just want to make it as kid-proof as possible.

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