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Oven Options Overwhelming

12 years ago

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I are in the appliance-choosing stage of our kitchen redo. I've progressed from the "I'll just be happy to have an oven that works" phase to "I'm so confused I might as well stick with the broken one I have now" mentality. Obviously, there is a happy medium :-)

We are a family of serious cooks, so whatever we choose will get a workout.

GE Profile Gas Range - Had decided on this until I read all the negative reviews about the knobs melting off. Thoughts?

Kenmore Elite - I like the idea of the burner that can go from slow simmer to high output, also the porcelain racks, and convection. However, that means dealing with the "machine" that is Sears appliance repair and I think I'd rather go with a neighborhood store with a good rep for service.

Frigidaire - opinions on the general brand reliability?

If I had to list my priorities, it would be large, reliable oven and burners with ability to vary the heat. "Pretty" and "bells and whistles" aren't as important.



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