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Wolf 48" Dual Fuel Range: help deciding on cooktop configuration

10 years ago

We've decided on the 48" dual fuel range but I am having trouble deciding on how many burners we really need. I love the idea of having the grill and the griddle which will leave us with only 4 burners. My husband thinks we need 6 burners.

I love the idea of the griddle for breakfasts and dinners and the grill also is so appealing on those freezing nights (New England) where we don't want to go out in the snow to grill chicken breasts, burgers or whatever it may be. My husband thinks the grill (infrared) is not important but I am not into using the outdoor grill.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this and what is important and for what reasons. Has anyone had this range that can comment on how they configured it and why? We are a family of 6 so we will be using it quite a bit.

Thanks for any insight you can offer. Oh, this is a newly renovated kitchen we are working on, fwiw.

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