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Lexus vs Toyota Avalon

17 years ago

OK guys, here is another one for you. (I apologize in advance for this being a broad and very general question...)

I have posted about my search for a new car to replace my '96 Avalon XLS, which I love (hubby will inherit it) and I have test driven the new Avalons. Before making a final decision, I think it only smart to consider Lexus as well. I have never driven a Lexus, but plan to do that in the next few days.

Is Lexus worth the premium that they charge, given the fact that they are also built by Toyota and share many features with the Avalon? What exactly is the difference?

I find the choices way too confusing, with the ES, the GS, the IS and the LS. Geeze. If I were king, I would choose an LS430, but that is too much $$, since I want to pay cash. I guess my bottom line question is: "What model Lexus would be most comparable to an Avalon and for this model, why (or why not) would you choose it over the Avalon?"

Thanks, as always,


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