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Anybody using touchless faucets?

9 years ago

We're looking at replacing the vanities, sinks, and faucets in both bathrooms, and I'm really interesting in sensor activated on/off. We've all been in public restrooms with sensor faucets where you end up waving your hands around until someone might think you were practicing to conduct the symphony. Don't even get me started on the paper towel dispensers! I don't want that kind. I want the kind where you stick your hands/toothbrush under the faucet, the water comes out, you remove your hands, and the water goes off. Simple in theory, but does anyone actually have one installed they are pleased with? I might like one with an easily accessible temp control like the Sloan, but it might be a long time hanging out under the faucet before the warm water arrived. Thoughts? Here are two models I've seen online that might be interesting.

A Sloan model that looks as if it has a large sensing area:

and an American Standard:

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