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Anyone know what these crochet patterns are called?

After looking a long time, and finding pieces that were stained or damaged or just the wrong size, I was lucky enough to find these at an antique mall about 40 miles from my home. I scoured the whole place, and hardly anyone had crocheted pieces. But then I hit paydirt in one booth, and bought 3. The two that I've shown are not even stained. Another one I bought is stained in several places, but I really liked the pattern. I will have to get the stains out before I find a place to display it.

I bought my vintage dining room set almost 2 years ago, and have been looking since then for just the "right" pieces. The buffet is very long: maybe 6 feet. That's why it has taken so long to find the right one. In the last two years I have actually bought several, that are too short, which I got just to have something.

The following is a closeup of the first one:

This third one is a different piece. Not the same color as the long one, white rather than ecru, but a similar style.

My grandmother, who died in 1966, made wonderful crochet. But almost everything was stolen while my parents' house out of state was being renovated, after they themselves died, and my brother and I were hiring people to make repairs (lots of stuff "disappeared", not just the crochet). I have only two pieces that she made, and that was because my mother had loaned them to me, and thus they were at my house. Though these pieces were not made by my own grandmother, someone lavished much time and skill on these, and I will really enjoy having them to adorn my home.


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