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Floor almost done - pictures

16 years ago

Went out to the house this afternoon. Floor is laid but no grout so I guess they had to take off. The masonry crew was to be there today but no one was there. There was a delivery of rock today so maybe I thought he said they would rock today and they really said that they were delivering more rock! LOL! Anyway, the floor is looking really good. There are two tiles that look like someone stepped on them so that will need to be addressed but I am really happy so far! Here is what I snapped today :-)My camera is not taking the best of pictures so not sure how these will look!

Living Room


Living Room looking into eating area and kitchen


Laundry Room (my second favorite room!)










Close up of floor


The floor is travertine and I had my doubts but I am so beyond happy with it :-) Hoping to see grout tomorrow and maybe some outside work being done but I will take what I get!!! The electrician is yet to come back. He needs to shorten that pendent light and hang the other ones and finish up with his stuff. That wall is going to be rocked with the sandstone along with the fireplace. It is coming along and I see the light :-)


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