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Bluestar - I have to be honest about this thing ...

14 years ago

I love cooking on it. Really love cooking on it. But, these are the absolutely frustrating facts: 1) 2 of the inner channels under the burner assemblies are missing the "threaded" portion of the levelling screw holes and therefore can't be levelled. I also didn't have any levelling screws until this past week, but unfortunately, due to poor quality control? I can't use half of them. 2) The oven burner needed a service call at about month 3 for improper lighting and excessive unlit gas release. 3) The convection motor went at about 6 months. It was very unbalanced and loud and was replaced within warranty. 4) While roasting some oven fries (at 450 degrees with the convection fan and the simmer burner on) today my range nearly gave me a heart attack. There was very loud and repeated popping and sparks flying 3 or 4 feet out of the upper right corner of the door onto my hardwoord floor along with a great deal of smoke. Literally, think of firecrackers in your kitchen coming out of a gas appliance. I have never been so scared of an explosion in my life. I instinctively (with a 10" chef's knife in my hand that I was drying at the moment) shut the oven off. The sparks and smoke stopped and now the electrical is dead in the range. There is gas so I can use the stovetop with matches but I certainly don't have an oven and, truthfully, I'm a bit nervous to use anything at all given what happened. The breaker is not flipped in the house. I do believe that some part or all of my "no electrical, no fuss, nothing to break" tank of a $4 000 range just bit the dust at month 13 of my ownership. Any thoughts?

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