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Bathroom/ mudroom plan help please

9 years ago

We are moving our kitchen to the other end of the house. This gives me space for a guest bath and mudroom Whoop! It's just my husband and I as the kids have moved out. He works in construction and come home pretty dirty. We have drawn several scenarios and cannot come up with something we both agree on. I think we will have to take out the 6 ft window and the 3 ft window. The future garage will be on the side where the 3 ft window is anyway. The room is 20 x 12 . Two blocks = 1 ft. Walls can go any where.
My wants are this for the mudroom.
Washer and dryer with a place to access behind the dryer. It's a bummer to hook up
Hang coats, bins for hats gloves and dog treats
Place for shoes
Cleaning supplies including vacuum and brooms
And a place to put dog beds
As for the guest bath anything goes except we are reusing a 4x3 shower

What do you all think? Any ideas? Thank you for looking!

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