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Finish Quantum tabs- Not dropping correctly?

11 years ago

I'm using the Finish Quantum tabs in the new Miele and they are doing a superb job...although the Miele would probably do a fantastic job anyway! :) Regardless, the tabs don't seem to be falling properly.

When they drop, even when no dishware is in the way of the detergent cup, the tab drops straight down and winds up sticking to the bottom of the dishwasher usually vertically. This happens consistently. The location is about an inch from the door which is away from the water. I always wait until it drops, then open the door and throw it in the water to be sure it does its job. I don't want to have to babysit this dishwasher. I went through enough with its predecessor!! LOL

Any comments or ideas? Is this actually normal and will the water eventually reach it? Has anyone else had this happen with the Quantum tab?

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