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Paths for venting range hood to exterior

13 years ago

I am not sure what forum is best for this question, but someone recomended here, so I am giving it a whirl.

I will be getting new cabinets and a new 30" slide in smooth-top electric range. I've gotten 3 cabinet estimates and they aren't thrilled with my desire to install venting so I can have a hood that vents to the outside over my range. 2 tried to tell me that they didn't think it would be possible due to potential for support beams in the path, and one tried everything under the sun to convince me to go with a downdraft range.

So here I am looking for ideas of how to at least get started with mapping out possible paths for ducting, identifying the ideal scenara (plan A) and subsequent plans B and C if that doesn't work, and what I need to do to uncover which scenario will work best. Do we need to cut out a huge chunk of drywall from the formal dining room side to see what is where?

There is a second story over this. Here is the layout - and you can ignore the island part:


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