Tub: Regretting choice and ideal not avail -help me off ledge!

7 years ago

We purchased off Craigslist a never used Jason alcove 60x30 airbath tub with LED chromatherapy light, for a small fraction of what it would cost new. Tub is 5+ yrs old, but was still in the box and works like new.

Issue is now I am second guessing whether this is the right tub for us and debating if we sell on Craigslist and buy a different tub (which will cost us more).

Here are the details of our situation:
-Only tub in house located in hall bathroom (alcove -tub/shower)
-Currently used as shower for guests (friends and our parents -age 60-70s)
- Don't know if we will be blessed with kids, so bending over to bath young ones is not a pressing concern but something we consider not only for us but for future owners.
-We are not "bath" people. Love pools & hot tubs (we don't own either). Always have had cheap small 60x30 shallow tubs, so not sure if finally owning a nicer (yet small) airbath tub will convert me (still too small for hubby)

My concerns with the Jason tub are as follows:

Acrylic: I have never owned an acrylic tub, only fiberglass (hated it - textured and hard to clean) and enameled steel (noisy but easy to clean). My main concerns with acrylic are that it won't hold up and it will be hard to clean. Is it like cultured marble? We have that for our counter/sink and I hate it. I have debated between cast iron, acrylic and steel. I am very concerned with the weight of cast iron in our house. Long story but just don't trust the weight on our beams.

Durability: We want the tub to last a long time. We are putting calacatta marble in the shower so it is not something we plan on tearing out and redoing in our lifetime. How long will acrylic last (especially if only used occasionally in guest bath)? Will it yellow, crack, etc? How long does an airbath last? I am concerned with parts breaking and not being able to replace them and then not being able to remove the tub without removing the shower tile.

Height: The Jason tub is 20.5" so I am a little concerned with elderly parents stepping into it, however all the acrylic tubs I have liked average around that high.

Width: The interior width of the Jason tub is only about 18", which is smaller than our current old steel tub. Concerned how comfortable this will be for guests showering. I don't want it to feel like they are standing in a bucket.

Airbath: Found out after I purchased the tub that Jason tubs need to run the air drying system for 20 minutes after every use (even a shower) to flush the air channel. Not sure if guests will know to do this and the wear on the parts this will cause.

Skirt: So the tub is not skirted and I actually prefer that, however because it is an airbath we need to have an access panel and air vent. I don't want access panels with calacatta tile, so this means wood. Not sure how i feel about a wood skirt on an alcove tub/shower. The current wood baseboard near our tub is shot from water coming out of the shower. This also means extra cabinetry costs.

After all my concerns I still like the Jason tub. It is an awesome tub that many people would love to have and it cost us less than any other tub would cost (except cheap builder grade tubs). Am i over reacting? Should I keep the tub? Again, the tub is currently (sans kids) only going to be used a few times a year when guests come to visit.

If we go with a different tub I am really at a loss as to what to go with. There are limited 60x30 alcove tub options and honestly I don't think they make what I am looking for. If I could design my own tub I would want:
-Quality tub that will stand test of time
-Not a great deal of weight (don't trust our beams)
-Apronless (want to tile the front)
-Soaker tub 16-18" high
-Large interior footprint
-Traditional clean soft lines (no weird interior angles)

I wish I could take the Kohler bellwether and make it higher, lighter and eliminate the apron...but that doesn't exist.

Would love to know what others suggest we do or what you would do in our situation. Thanks so much!

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