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Capital Culinarian Complex Range Venting/Ducting - Any Advice?

11 years ago

We are doing a major home remodel. The existing (pre-construction) floor plan is pictured below. The current kitchen (pictured)and bathroom behind it, will become a walk-through Dining room to a new living room in the addition. Sadly, the cool Elmira wood cook-stove will be removed. The room with the Jotul wood stove (actually propane) will become our new 23 x 17 chef's kitchen

with an 11' x 4.5' island in the foreground of the pic.

We are planning to install a 48" Capital Culinarian range w/ 6 burners and grill centered flush against the main section of chimney you see pictured where the plant is. The following are our problems/challenges:

1. The chimney has 3 separate flues, and the "recessed" one that the Jotul stove is currently venting into in the pic is what we'd like to vent the range through.

2. Because the plan involves centering the 48" range against the main chimney section (not including the recessed part through which it will vent), we're in a conundrum as to whether we can, and how best to divert the duct to the right and back to meet up with that flue?

3. Will this require a wall hood or island hood? I'm thinking maybe we need an island hood to be able to make that jog before it runs back to the chimney???

4. The ceiling height is an issue due to the exposed beams. The ceiling is only 7'10" to the top and only 7' to the main carrying beam (the large timber running lenghthwise by the pot rack). This doesn't leave much room for a hood and duct work above the range adequately spaced, so I assume we'll need a low-profile, slim style hood. (Note the brick hearth on the floor will be removed so the range will be at standard height (36-37" or so).

We'd appreciate recommendations as to a make/model of hood system that would meet our ventilation needs without taking up too much space and that won't look too modern as we wish to preserve some of the rustic charm of the room. This can't be a budget-buster as we're going all out on the CC range!

Also advice on the type (island hood vs. wall hood) given the need to jog the duct back to the recessed chimney wall.

Will the jogs in the duct cause the hood to be excessively loud?

Any alternative suggestions? (Note there's a bedroom directly above where the range will be. (the chimney runs through a closet on the 2nd floor).

Thanks in advance for any advice you can offer!

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