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Am I wrong to think I shouldn't have to prewash b4 DW?

12 years ago

When I was growing up, my parents renovated our kitchen and that's when I was old enough to load and unload the dishwasher. My mom never told me to pre wash/ rinse all the dishes by hand, just to load them. It was an older model kitchen aid probably higher end for the early 90's. It had a rinse/hold button and I used that all the time when I would load the dishes when it wasn't ready for a wash yet. They always came out perfectly clean, and never stuck on food.

Not until we moved into our first apartment did I ever realize all dishwashers were not the same. I would run the rinse cycle and my husband, who was used to cheap dishwashers, said I had to wash them all by hand b4 loading them.

I thought that was bs because what's the point of a dishwasher if you have to wash them before?!

Anyways, when we bought our house and renovated it 5 years ago, we bought a fancy , consumers best LG integrated smart DW. I tried to pretend I loved it but I have loathed it ever since because my husband is proving me wrong. So much stuff comes out with little dried on bit of food, water spots, and weird streaks of I don't know! I have tried every detergent and Jetdry like product.

I'm feeling ridiculous but I want a new DW! After buying a Miele w/d I'm in love with their products.

Am I crazy to want a new dishwasher or is this just how they all are?

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