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Starting a Small Bath Remodel

14 years ago

I wish I had taken "before" pics, but forgot. My bathroom was part of the original house, built in 1951. It's very similar to another bath I saw in another post by "scoutfinch," same layout but much worse (and smaller) than the "before" of that one. My DH is doing the work himself, and so far he's ripped everything out down to the studs and floor joists, leveled the floor and put in a new subfloor. Now it's time to order fixtures. Here's what I'm thinking, and I'm still undecided on a couple of things. If anyone would like to chime in, I welcome your opinions.

I'm planning to tile the new tub surround and floor. The bathroom is very narrow, so I'm planning a pedestal sink (rounded in the front). Also, there was a window at the end of the bathroom that was closed in when I added on to the back of the house. My DH is planning to make the opening a little smaller and create a "bookshelf" inset in the wall with shutters on the front. This will help with the lack of storage space. I'm also planning to use beadboard (just like scoutfinch's). I've settled on a Toto Drake toilet (rounded instead of elongated) and the pedestal sink. Faucets & fixtures will be brushed nickel. Two important decisions I'm having a hard time with are 1) the tub (steel or fiberglass) - I'm leaning toward steel, and 2)selecting the tile colors. I'm struggling between 3 options - neutral beige, black & white, or a tile I saw the other day "Laufen Equinox Sage" which are tiles of varying muted shades of sages, blues and beige. I was not able to get a sample and cannot find any pictures of it anywhere. Is anyone familiar with it? I would like to see how it might look installed.

If it looks good when we're finished, I'll post pics. BTW, this project didn't get off on a good foot - guess what we found under/behind the old steel tub? A dead cat -- had been probably since before I moved in (1989). It was "mummified," not a skeleton. oooooh! Wish us luck, we'll need it!

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