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Is there a solution to the shower/tub/window privacy issue?

15 years ago

I have a tub/shower combination in an old house--at one time, there was no shower at all, just a tub below a full-size window. Now there's a shower too. The bathroom is being remodeled and a new window put in, but it will still have a wood frame and there will still be a street-facing window right next to the tub/shower.

Here are the solutions I've tried (and the reason I wasn't completely satisfied). Can you tell me if you've solved this problem?

1. I put film over the bottom panel of the window. (I still want to be able to look out the window when bathing and can't see enough through the film.)

2. I've had roller shades over window so can pull up when I want to see out. (Water hits windowsill during shower, need to replace window sooner.)

3. I found a U-shaped shower rod on e-bay. (But we mostly take baths here, so where to put the voluminous double width of shower curtain when you're not showering? Tub is right next to the toilet, so it all gets bunched up over there.)

I actually ended up putting a big hook behind the tub to hold the curtain and that works but is really unattractive.

OK, I am going to include pictures of the bathroom. It was in bad shape, hope you can overlook 'warts and all' before pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Old bathroom

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