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vintage dining table - need help identifying period/era/style/woo

11 years ago

So glad to have found you guys here on this corner of the web!

This dining table was a cheap CL find, isn't in the best cosmetic shape (but is structurally sound), and I love the overall look of it. Not knowing a thing about antique furniture or historical design in general, I'm hoping for some help in figuring out the era/period/style/wood, etc. of this particular table.

There are two maker's mark tag thingamajigs, one showing it was made by THE CHATTANOOGA FURNITURE CO., the other too peeled off to make anything out (see pics, links below). The table base has got incredibly heavy legs with flat-curvy stretchers and separates into two L shapes. The tabletop has short metal dowels that sink down into simple holes in the two leg sections, and the heft of the tabletop's weight keeps it from moving much once settled properly onto the legs. I've included links to pics of all this stuff (with the assistance, you'll notice, of my zombie cat, Hopi).

It's not an example of especially intricate craftsmanship compared to some vintage pieces I've seen, so I'm not sure it was ever worth a lot of $, but I find its look lively and charming. It's way more interesting than any dining table we've ever had before!


>> What period/era would this style of furniture fit into?

>> Any guesses on how old it is?

>> What's your best guess on the kind of wood it might be, based on the supplied impossibly fuzzy phone pics of the wood grain?

>> Since no chairs came with it, what kinds of (vintage? modern?) chairs would you suggest to make a cute dining set out of it?

>> Any thoughts on easy DIY refinishing, or shall I let her remain endearingly 'distressed'?

Thanks for all help, ideas, and wild guesses!

Here is a link that might be useful: same dining table photos (on

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