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Range Top Questions ~Monogram~ Thermador ~ Wolf + Too many BTUs?

12 years ago

Hi All,

So we're getting a new bigger kitchen and I could use some feedback on range tops (all 36", 6 burner, sealed range tops).

I'm leaning toward, either GE Monogram or Thermador. They both have 18,000BTU burners.


1)If I put a small sauce/rice pan over the large 18k BTU burner, wouldn't the flame over shoot the bottom of the pot? Isn't this bad for cooking?

2)Does anyone like thermador? All i read are bad reviews.

3)Any Feedback on the Monogram? It has a 2 year warranty which is nice and I am under the impression its made by DCS.

4) Wolf makes the best looking range by far, why on earth are they only 15k btu?!

They are all about the same cost, so in my mind its nice to have the option to have a decent sear and wok cooking temp. I don't want to get 18k BTUs when i currently only use smaller pots and pan and it doesn't make sense (I do have a growing family to consider).

thank you all for reading this! Any feedback would be great!

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