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Vanity light will be wider than mirror

10 years ago

We bought the vanity light and cabinet for our small bathroom, both of which were the same width. We were planning to move the lights up a little bit to make more room for the cabinet since the cabinet we liked happened to be a surface mount.

We found out today that the wires behind the current vanity light is strung pretty tightly to the main junction box and there is no wiggle room to move it up...and our mirror won't fit (the door will ram into the faucet).

All the mirrors that are shorter in height are also shorter in width, which leaves out vanity lights wider than the cabinet. The one we ended up choosing is about 9" shorter than the lights.

We got the lights for dirt cheap during the President's day sale and DH does not want to return that to buy a smaller light for twice the price. So that light is staying.

Is this something that will just bother me? It will be nice having 3 lights as opposed to 2 since that will be our only light source aside from the one light inside the tub area.