New member with appliance list for a new home

7 years ago

Hi all

I've been cruising this site for a few days now and decided that it was a great forum and a wonderful place to get information--so I joined! Maybe someday I can even be of some assistance. Anyway, my wife and I are planning our downsized retirement home and I've been browsing appliances. The house will be about 1500 sf with a kitchen of about 195 sf. The kitchen is L-shaped with an island. I'm a good cook and want to become a better one in retirement. Plus, I plan on doing more than I do now--more baking, canning, etc. This will be a very energy efficient house, relatively simple, with a budget of $350-400K. I think I've got about $10K to spend on appliances. Here's my partial list so far and I'd value any opinions/advice you all may have. Here goes:

1. Cooktop: I'll be using gas and have been contemplating either a 36" Bluestar or DCS 6-burner. The Bluestar (RGTNB366BV1) is an outlet model--it had concealed freight damage and the control panel and left front burner valve were replaced. There is also a minor dent on the right side of the island trim. Basco told me the unit is fine--and they'll let me have it for $2650. The DCS is the CPU366--for $2709.

2. Wall oven: I've decided to go with a 30" Bosch, probably the 300 series. I don't think I need an oven with a lot of extras--but I will be comparing the 300 and the 500 series.

3. Dishwasher: I'm going to go with either a Bosch (300 or 500 series) or a Miele. The Basco outlet has some Mieles for around $1K. I know I could save a few hundred by going with the Bosch. Again, don't need lots of bells and whistles, just a good quality DW.

4. Fridge: no decision here yet--I haven't had much time to explore yet. I know I would want freezer on bottom, either french doors or a single left-swing, no external water or ice, but I would want an ice maker. Again, quality and function is most important.

5. Vent hood: no decision here yet either--again, I haven't had time to research this. I just want a good, basic wall-mount vent.

6. Finally, I haven't decided on a microwave (do we really need one?) or perhaps a countertop Breville? They seem to be well liked here. Maybe even a wine fridge? That seems a bit extravagant, but if the budget allows it? Oh, and the washer and dryer--almost forgot about those. No research as of yet.

So, there you have it for now. Many of you seem well versed in this kind of stuff, so I look forward to a fruitful discussion. Let me know what you think--and thanks in advance!


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