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48" range versus 36" range plus wall oven

10 years ago

We just got back our initial appliance price quotes for our new house. I'll post the other appliance options in a different thread, but the main debate currently is whether to go with a 48" range or a 36" range plus a separate wall oven.

In both cases, we are virtually certain that we will go with a BlueStar range.

For the 48", we are unsure about 8 burners versus 6 burners and a griddle.

For the 36", we would go 6 burners. The wall oven would be either a Jennair or a DCS. We looked at the Frigidaire, but didn't like the plastic look of the oven.

Still debating ventilation options and know there is loads of information on the board that we are still digesting, but it seems for rough equivalent venting 48" is about $1K to $1.5K (could go higher, but that is basic dollar difference) more than 36" in our quotes.

The 48" set up is about $1,200 more than the 36" set up.

Thoughts from anyone about the best option?

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