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Please help with bathtub/faucet design

15 years ago

We are finishing the bathroom in our basement. I'm both fortunate and unfortunate. Fortunate because my Dad is a custom cabinet maker so cabinet wise, I can have anything I want for a GREAT price. Unfortunate because the Plumber we hired (former neighbor- NEVER do that) took our downpayment, did 2 hours or so of work and then split. While I was able to get him in trouble and fined, we didn't get our money back. Blood, turnip you know the drill. So, we're working with a lower budget than I'd like but we have a moderate house so a high-end bath for a basement bathroom wouldn't make sense anyway.

In any case, I have lucked into being able to obtain an American Standard Evolution Series Whirlpool Tub for a mere $300. The downside is that it has a scuff in a back corner (not particularly noticeable) and it is the bone color instead of white. I would normally just go with white.

BEFORE I got that tub, we had planned to do a basic cast-iron tub/shower combo. Now, I'd like to rethink things. We are just at the base plumbing/framing stage. The area where the tub will go is not totally walled in yet and the only plumbing that's been done is to knock a hole in the concrete floor and tap into the drain pipe. No wall plumbing is in yet.

I was looking at a website and saw a handheld shower head that was deck mounted next to a faucet. What is this type of shower thingy called? How do you use it without getting water everywhere? I'd love to not make the bathroom feel smaller by having an enclosed shower area yet I don't want to have a tub without a showerhead. I'm wondering if this might be a good compromise? Has anyone done this? If so, how did it work?

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