Doorknobs, tell me if I've lost my mind...

13 years ago

I believe I may have completely lost perspective somewhere during this building process. I'm looking at doorknobs and they can get really expensive. Those are, of course, the ones I like. :) How much did you spend on your doorknobs? $30? $60? $100? More? I'm looking for a fairly simple, classic looking doorknob. I would prefer it to have a rectangular rosette and a circular knob. The house we are renting right now has perfect knobs (and yes, I've thought of sneaking them off the doors, lol)

But I can scale back and go as simple as

preferably if the backplate were a little more substantial.

I did find one knob from Restorer's Affiliate


That is pretty close (although it has an egg shaped versus round knob) and is reasonable, but I know nothing about the company and quality.

So, what did you all do? Please talk me down from the ledge. :)

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