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Floorplan Feedback - Crystal Falls?

Susan Fischer
10 years ago

Hi all! I'm trying to decide on a floor plan and have a couple I like.. I can't find any Google images or feedback anywhere on this floor plan, so it maybe isn't a popular plan? It seems a bit complex, but there are so many features I love in it. We have 25 acres.. lots of woods, 2 kids with a third expected down the road. Want lots of outdoor living and plan to finish a basement so I'll have to get that drawn.

We'd like to go with tan Hardiplank and a bit of cedar/stone accents.. a little more rustic looking I guess? I love everything about the plan as-is, except I'd like to put a bedroom and small loft above the 2 story living room.

Feedback? Has anyone seen this plan built?
Thanks much~

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