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lighting over wall mounted medicine cabinet

15 years ago

Preface to say my knowledge level is extremely limited and I get swirled around easily trying to figure many things out... so I venture to post now.

We are planning to have wall-mounted (recessed not feasible) medicine cabinets - likely Pottery Barn's Classic. Unfortunately the lighting must go above the medicine cabinets instead of on the sides, where I seem to see many illustrations and recommendations.

For sconces pointing down, it seems there are very few fixtures that stick out enough to totally clear the ~5" depth of the cabinet (thinking that the cabinet would create a shadow?). We found Restoration Hardware's Bistro sconce which addresses this by being adjustable (though maybe a tight squeeze to fit for the larger version of the med cabinet we'd prefer). However, it only comes in a single sconce and it seems that this would be too "insubstantial" looking compared to the relative weightiness of the dark double vanity (72" wide; sinks ~ 18" wide; med cabinets 20" wide to go directly above sinks).

For sconces pointing up, after deciding if the cleaning/dusting issue is acceptable, we've been told both that it's plenty adequate light-wise (but maybe using 100 watt bulbs, for triple sconce), or that it won't be good enough. Many of the triples (at least from Pottery Barn & Restoration Hardware) seem to only use 60 watt bulbs.

Not sure if the eventual mandate (& desire) to use "eco-friendly" lights will make a difference; haven't finished figuring that all out especially hearing recently that the cfu's bother some people.

I'm not sure whether to post this in the bathroom or lighting forum; will try you folks first... I am amazed at the individual and collective inputs. Thanks in advance for any comments.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pottery Barn Wall Mounted Classic Med Cabinet

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