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Need help identifying this sofa and love seat. Any help is great

16 years ago

Hi all...

This set I purchased tonight. Present seller thought it was from th 1940's. Not sure though. The wood is excellent all the way around. NO marring, dents, scratches on any of the wood. These are tufted, and every button is tight, present and secure. Upholstery is a little dirty, as it is a light color.. but no holes in it. There is a slight curve around the back sides of the couch and seat. Very attractive, and wood has a patina that could match 50 plus years of use.

Sofa is 7ftx34"x34"

Loveseat is 56"x34"x34"

I like the character of the items.

Also wondering what is a fair price for something like this set? I paid a total of $350 for both

Thank you

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