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miele la perla vs bosche 800 plus series

13 years ago

Hi I'm about to pull the trigger on one of these.

Any advice?

We want the best cleaner and the quietest machine.

Thank you in advance!

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  • lip2000
    13 years ago

    Have not tried the bosch unit you are talking about but have a laperla(new version) and absolutely love wife was shocked at how quiet it was when she first walked by it installed and running (and she has grown up with quiet DW's in Europe since she was a kid) can only hear the water barely...also all the's my favourite appliance...

  • ghetterly
    13 years ago

    There really isn't much comparison in my mind.

    I've had lower-end Bosch and Miele dishwashers (Bosch SHU4302 and Miele G2170SCVi) and the Miele is superior in nearly every way. I can only imagine how good a top-end Miele would be!

  • plumeriavine
    13 years ago

    Love my Miele La Perla. Only one problem - the discharge comes out at a high flow rate - - doesn't work well with an air gap. Miele prefers no air gap. If you are having the installation inspected and you need an air gap to meet code, you need to consider how to handle it.

    Miele suggested a 7/8 inch air gap. There is no such thing. There are only 5/8 inch air gaps.

    Don't let what happened to me happen to you - - flooding from the air gap with the La Perla led to water damage in my kitchen.

    Other than that, love the La Perla. Quiet as can be.

    When it is done with the cycle, it opens itself several inches. A small latch remains attached to the door. Just yank firmly and it comes undone. We were too gentle with it at first and were frustrated trying to open the door.

    Love the cutlery tray at the top, too. I feel it gets silverware cleaner.

    The Miele is really quiet. At most points in the cycle, you can't hear it even right next to it.

    The pot cycle is awesome! My broiler pan has never been so shiny!

  • lip2000
    13 years ago

    Your message got me hunting on the web...I live in Canada and of all the places I have lived there was never an air gap installed so I'm not sure it's code up here. The Miele manual also makes no mention of it so we have it directly connected to our drain(same with the one it replaced and there was no problem that I'm aware of in the 20 year history of the house...

    I also had the same "scare" about the laperla "drying plus" feature...when it finished I actually turned the power off thinking it would close itself...since it didn't I turned it back on and was freaking out because it would go back in...stupid me...I found someone else had the same thoughts as I that they didn't want to pull on the door as they were scared to damage it...anyway, really cool design...I love it...

  • mrtimewise
    13 years ago

    We are extremely please with our Bosch 800 Plus SHE68E15UC dishwasher which was installed in October 2009.

    We continue to enjoy cleaner than ever dishes and sparkling glassware. We use about a tablespoon of Trader Joe's dish washing detergent, plus Jet Dry in the rinse aid dispenser. Our water is very hard so the water softener is a great feature. The Bosch requires that you select the level of softening (0 - 7, I think), whereas the Miele apparently does this automatically (can someone confirm this?).

    We like the cutlery tray. Some people do not like cutlery trays at all, regardless of brand, because they feel it takes extra time to load...even though they also find that unloading can be quicker. The Bosch comes with a cutlery basket, too, that can be used on the lower rack. Miele has some additional baskets/locations to load utensils, too.

    As far as noise is concerned...I simply do hear the Bosch at all.

    We've clean the multi-stage microfine filter once in 3 months. We just rinsed it off under the tap...a 30 second job.

    See a link below for my early posting on my experiences after the installation.

    Regardless of which dishwasher you end up with, the salt for the water softener can be from Miele (their Somat brand) at about $10 per 2.6 lb box, or Morton's System Saver® II Formula Pellets at about $6 per 40 lb bag, or Cargill's Diamond Crystal® Pellets with Softener Care Formula at about $7 for a 40 lb bag.

    Here is a link that might be useful: Bosch SHE68E15UC 800 Plus comments

  • toddimt
    13 years ago

    plumeriavine & lip2000

    I know the drying plus feature is new. Since I see you have used it does it help? Does it get the plasticware dry?

  • sshrivastava
    13 years ago

    I have a La Perla. Best dishwasher I ever had with one qualification. I find the Miele racks are not very bowl friendly, so check out the racks if there is any concern.

  • antss
    13 years ago

    If you are talking about the top of the line Bosch unit that is made in Germany and has a water softener, then these units are very comparable in quality, and performance.

    This Bosch is vastly different than the units that come from Bosch's U.S. factory and my opinion is those should be avoided now.

    Some bowls have trouble fitting in Miele and other Euro DW's like Bosch and Asko because the tines are spaced closer together. It's only certain kinds of bowls that are really deep and have thick lips like earthenware. Plain white cereal bowls from Macy's or Pottery Barn nest just fine.

    Bosch now has a top cutlery tray like Miele and it might even be better more versatlie since it's deeper. I haven't used one to accurately gauge it's merits for just silverware though.

    They will both be very quiet and clean well.