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Questions about this shoe & mouse

14 years ago

Paid a whole 25 cents for this little gem ~ to put in my printer's drawer hanging on the wall. I didn't notice at the time, but just noticed there's a mouse on it (and perhaps another sticking his head out).

It is very heavy for it's size, 8.3 ounces. It's 3 inches long, 1½ inches tall, 1¼ inches wide.

I thought it might be brass, but its really solid and heavy. There also appears to be a bright "gold" drip on it, as if someone was testing it??? I can't scrape the gold off at all.

So could it be brass or something else (magnet doesn't stick to it)?

Also, does anybody know if there's a fairytale I might not know about, with boots and mice?

Figure you people are my best choice for pointing me in the right direction.


This is part of "gold" stain:



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