Lacanche Volnay + Miele Speed Oven vs. Lacanche Cluny + MW Drawer

12 years ago

In an ideal world, I'd have two ovens (one convection), a warming drawer/cupboard, and a microwave. Unfortunately, my kitchen is smaller than ideal, so I don't have room for everything without doubling up some appliances. I have been planning on getting a Lacanche Volnay (oven + warming cupboard) and a Miele speed oven (MW and convection), which would be installed undercounter. This gives me everthing I want, however I've continued to be a little uneasy about having a microwave at the undercounter level. So now I've started to consider a couple additional options: (1) a Lacanche Cluny (two (smaller) ovens but no warming cupboard) and a Sharp Microwave drawer (no convection) or (2) a Lacanche Volnay (with a single electric convection oven and a warming cupboard) and a Sharp Microwave drawer (so no second oven). Given these three options, which would you choose? Any other ideas? Unfortunately, I don't have room for the Cluny 1400 (two ovens and a warming cupboard) or the Sully (two larger ovens, one of which could be convection).

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