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Dilemma - Wine Fridge (Dual Zone or no?), Beer/Beverage separate?

10 years ago

Ok, so I'm hoping for your thoughts and then some recommendations on brands.

We are building a butler's pantry/wet bar and want to put a wine cooler in it, but it's the only holding area for wine there. There were also be an ice maker and a dishwasher, but only the one wine cooler. I wasn't originally thinking it needed to be dual zone, but does it?

Or, it doesn't only if we also build the little rack into the cabinet that stores red wine? My designer friend says folks aren't doing that anymore b/c it's hard to see the wine and it just gets dusty?

It's too bad b/c I really liked the Electrolux wine cooler (we are getting other Electrolux appliances) but it's only one temperature zone.

I also liked the Danby French Door one for a dual zone but it's pretty much gotten horrible reviews across the board. :-(

Your thoughts on dual zone vs one? And brands you recommend?

Then, my hubby wants a "beer fridge" in the kitchen or nearer to our great room. He'd like to spend very little on it but it does need to be stainless with glass and adjustable shelves. He drinks microbrew bottled beers or gourmet beers so the bottles are more complicated than cans.

Any recommendations for that within a reasonable budget? And, it's in the great room area so I'd like it to be quiet without breaking the bank.

ARGH - too many choices or not the right ones ... or too many "wants" (because they are not really needs, let's be clear!)

Thanks for your help!

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