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kids/guest bathroom- tile tub surround or acrylic

Epiarch Designs
11 years ago

we are building as house and getting to the stage to selecting fixtures we want to use. For the main bath in the house, it will be used by mainly future kids (none yet) and also guests that visit. We value function over glam, but want it to be nice at the same time. With that being said, we are going with a tub shower in this room. The 2 choices we are debating are:

go with a fully molded drop in shower/tub unit that is a tub with full matching surrounds, 1 piece. No caulk joints. Just a nice, smooth, easy to clean and use bath/shower unit. Porbably go with a shower curtain in this instance.

Option 2 is a standard skirted bathtub with a tile surround and shower head. Probably go with a glass door in this instance.

Pros for us are:
1 piece surround is easy to clean with no caulk and grout joints.
shower curtain is easy to pull completely out of the way and change if dirty
Surrounds typically have built in shelves and rods for hanging/setting things
Tile shower surround is more "impressive" looking for guests.

1 piece is not as nice looking
Tile surround will take more work and maintenance, harder to clean
Tile needs niches added to the wall to hold things
More prone to possible leaks
glass doors are more awkward to get in and out of as well as help a small child (assuming?)
Glass doors are harder to keep clean

Obviously we can go with a curtain on the tile option as well, but we are both sort of thinking well then whats the point of that since it really wont be seen?

Cost wise isnt an issue. There is only a small cost difference between the 2 and isnt really a pro or con here.

So what are some thoughts on the 2 options?

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