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Alternatives to ice machine? Ice maker in full-size wine cooler?

10 years ago

OK, in our remodeled home, we'll have a wet bar that is slated to have a wine cooler, a cabinet, and an ice machine on one side (under counter.)

Let me be clear: I LOVE ice. I am having a hard time b/c the fridge/freezer set we're getting does not have a door-dispensor, so I suspect I'll get ice all the time from the wet bar. I want a good solution that makes delicious ice that is not LOUD and distracting all the time. And, reliable.

But, I'm struggling with the whole ice machine debate. Everyone says they make noise, everyone seems to have issues with them. Most people on here sort of suggest avoiding them.

I've gotten to where I think I'd get the Manitowoc SM-50 because it seems to have a good track record for reliability and service. And, it has the delay so I can quiet it down if we're having a dinner party. But, and this seems irrational, I know, but are the ice cubes TOO big? They seem like a GIANT mouthful - and I have 8 and 10 yr old kids. Am I being insane?

Anyway, so then I've been trying to see if I can combine the wine cooler and ice, thus reduce the sounds and reliability issues of the ice machine. But most of the ice solutions are then in the bottom drawer, which isn't convenient for entertaining.

The only one I found was the GE Monogram 30" Fully Integrated Wine Refrigerator. Ice is in the center which seems nice - I'm thinking I could have two containers full at all times.

But it's VERY spendy (even if eliminating two appliances for one.)

Any other suggestions for a wine/ice option that has the ice in a conveniently reachable place?

I looked at the Lieberr 1061 but then it's all freezer on the bottom and I'm not sure what I'd put there?

Thanks in advance if anyone reads this!

~ A

P.S. I would get chewable nugget ice if I could, but I think it will melt in our drinks too much, and grown-up drinks (when we're entertaining) are usually not made with pellets. Plus my whole family will chomp on it like cows. :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: GE Monogram Fully Integrated Wine Refrigerator

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